• Agne

An Introduction to the Blog

Ever since I went to study abroad, journaling was a frequently used tool as a way to make sense of certain experiences. Four years ago I decided to pick something quite foreign to me – a Bachelors's degree in Drama (Norwich, United Kingdom). I hoped to drag myself out of my old ways, by facing stage fright and constant self-exploration. No matter how adventurous and progressive it sounds, at often points this self-study was truly and ridiculously uncomfortable. And then in the library, bus, small dorm room, or a park – writing helped to extract positive aspects from those experiences.

Now I moved on to a Master’s degree in Documentary Filmmaking in London, a somewhat more directional move towards a specific career goal. However, this was once again another adaptation to fast-paced and foreign life, and therefore to comprehend those arising emotions I once again used documentation. The power of noting where you ‘are now’ and where you ‘want to be’ allowed me to explore and accept whatever happened in between.

My current journaling is still very much driven by the same motives, as I am still in the very beginning of ‘hopefully becoming more assertive and creative’. So, therefore, I hope this documentation in a form of a blog can walk together with people who are going through similar explorations or are interested in such.

I thought it is only appropriate to accompany this Portfolio–Website with posts that together with documenting my filmmaking process and attempted growth, include genuine and honest written study of challenges that often get in a way and then inevitably take you further.